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There is strength in simplicity.

Yet when it comes to marketing strategies, most ideas are complicated, discombobulated, and expensive. Here are the only 3 marketing startegies I use as a speaker. What’s more, none of them cost more than $5.

Marketing Strategies for Speakers

The Only 3 Marketing Strategies You Need as a Speaker

(HINT: None of Them Cost More Than $5)

Revolving Door Marketing™. Marketing your speaking services is as simple as walking through a revolving door. Before entering this revolving door, develop a list of meeting planners you want to serve. Once you have your list, enter the revolving door by introducing yourself via email (free) or letter. Then every four-to-six weeks send an addtional email/letter. Don’t ask for anything. Serve. Add value. Give. After four or five months of serving in a meaningful way, ask them to consider using your services. After you make the ask, reenter the revolving door and do it again. Of the three marketing startegies listed here, this is your bread and butter for getting booked as a speaker. It establishes TOMA (i.e. Top Of Mind Awareness) in an industry.

Non-traditional Showcasing. Traditional showcasing requires you to pay a fee to present. Non-traditional showcasing requires you to simply show up and shine. There are non-traditional showcasing opportunities all around you. Breakouts during conferences. Kiwanis and Rotary clubs. Business Network International meetings. Chamber of Commerce meetings.

Reserve Interviewing™. Instead of waiting for meeting planners to interview you, take permission and interview them. Invite a meeting planner to breakfast or lunch (coffee if you want to stay under $5) and ask questions about how you can best serve their industry. Don’t pitch your services! Listen. Ask for advice. Really see things from the perspective of the meeting planner. Most importantly, pick up the check!



Question: Do you use these marketing strategies in your business? Which one has worked best for you? Any marketing strategies you would add to this list?