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Recently I shared the only 3 marketing strategies you need as a speaker (HINT: None of them cost more than $5). At the core of these three marketing strategies is actually one market strategy. It’s the best marketing strategy for speakers and entrepreneurs. It’s not slick or sleezy, fancy or fakey. It’s not even cheesy or pushy.

What is it? The tweet below gives a hint.



Best Marketing Strategy for Speakers: GIVING

That’s it! Give as much as you can. And once you do, figure out ways to give even more.

Here are three questions to ask yourself if you want to make giving the core of your marketing strategy…

Why Give?

Giving works as a marketing strategy for speakers because it adds value to potential clients while simultaneously making them aware of you, your message, and what makes you unique. Additionally, it’s a great way to create TOMA (i.e. Top Of Mind Awareness).

The key is to give with no strings attached. Otherwise, giving becomes a manipulative tactic instead of a marketing strategy. Marketing can be defined as gaining the interest of potential clients. Can you think of a better way to gain the interest of potential clients than by authentically adding value with no strings attached?

How to Make Giving Central?

Listen. What topics do your potential clients talk about most? Give to help them with these topics.

Ask. Conduct surveys about major roadblocks your potential clients face. Then give to help them overcome these roadblocks.

Read. When you read industry trade journals and blogs or listen to industry podcasts for 3-6 months, you will be more knowledgeable than most people working in that industry. As you gain more and more insight into the industry, you can add value for potential clients by addressing the major themes you discover through reading.

What to Give?

There are so many things you can give:

  • Time
  • Information
  • Articles
  • Training
  • Coaching
  • Consulting
  • Books

Anything that adds value to your potential clients can be a gift. Start by giving free and inexpensive gifts (blogs, video tutorials, volunteer work, etc.) until you clarify the best ways to meet your potential clients needs. Once you really understand their needs, consider investing monetarily in your gift-giving. For instance, recently I gave away over 1,000 personalized copies of my book to prospective clients. It was expensive and time consuming, but the results have been fantastic. I added significant value for potential clients with no strings attached while creating positive TOMA around my message and what makes me unique.

Questions: How can you apply the marketing strategy of giving to your speaking business? What other marketing strategies have worked well for you?

Give With No Strings Attached