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Speak it forward…what does it mean?

Think pay it forward. When something positive happens to you, you “pay it forward” by doing something positive for someone else. The more you do this, the more you bless others and the more you end up being blessed.

7 Presentation Tips to Pay It Forward

Speak it forward is based on the same pay-it-forward philosophy. As a speaker, you “speak it forward” by sharing a positive, impactful message. The more ways you learn to share this message, the more you pay it forward by blessing others. Additionally, as an added bonus, the more you end up being blessed as well. This two-way street of blessing is one reason we use the phrase “maximize your impact and income as a speaker” in association with speak it forward.

With that as background, how can you embrace the pay-it-forward philosophy in your presentations? Here are 7 presentation tips designed to help you prepare and deliver speak-it-forward presentations.

7 Presentation Tips to Pay It Forward (i.e. Speak It Forward)

Fun. People are motivated to learn when they’re having a good time. Reciting information, even life-changing information, without passion or humor makes people less likely to pay attention. Speak-it-forward presentations are informative, but they’re also engaging and entertaining. To make sure your message sticks, keep people hooked through passion, entertainment, and laughter.

Objective. Can you summarize your big idea in 12-15 words? If the answer is “no,” then you’re message is not ready to be delivered. Presentations, especially keynote presentations, are about communicating one big idea in such a way that people walk out knowing exactly what was said and what to so with what was said. Of all the presentation tips, this one will help you narrow down your topic.

Read. Reading your speech diminishes your impact. It’s uninspiring and unauthentic. Even if you memorize 80 percent of your presentation and only look down to read occasionally, it still feels like reading to your audience. Bottom line, don’t read your presentation. Period. End of story. (HINT: At the Killer Keynote Conference you learn a preparation system that enables you to speak for 5 minutes or 5 hours with NO notes.)

Why. Do you know why you are a speaker? Better yet, do you know why you share your particular message? Knowing your why is core to being a speak-it-forward communicator. If you don’t know your why, or if your why is more about you than your audience, check out Simon Sinek’s book Start with Why.

Audience. To follow up on the previous tip, if your message is more about you than your audience, you are not a speak-it-forward communicator. How can you “speak it forward” if your primary focus is not the people you’re serving?

Real. Always learn from others, but never mimic others. You are an original, don’t live like a copy.

DNA. To be a speak-it-forward speaker, you must be a pay-it-forward person. Serving and giving with no strings attached must be in your DNA.


Questions: Which of the 7 speak-it-forward presentation tips above connects most with you as a speaker and why? Additionally, what is one of your favorite ways to pay it forward not only as a speaker, but also in everyday life?