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Great leaders are usually excellent communicators. Yet interestingly, some of their best communication skills are not directly tied to speaking. Here are 3 important leadership habits you might not realize are also important for effective communication.

3 Leadership Habits For Effective Communication


3 Leadership Habits for Effective Communication

1. Be consistent. How you live communicates more than what you say. What’s more, if the two are incongruent, your lifestyle will speak louder than your words. Therefore, strive to walk your talk. And when you fall short, be quick to seek forgiveness and get back on track.

2. Be present. It’s easy to hide when your plate is full. Yet no amount of electronic communication can beat a face-to-face connection. One of the best ways to communicate you are a leader who cares is to simply be present.

3. Be engaged. Effective communication is about much more than getting your message out. It’s also about more than motivation and persuasion. Effective communication is a two-way street that includes talking and listening. In fact, according to Stephen Covey’s fifth habit, listening comes before talking (i.e. seek first to understand, then to be understood). So stop telling and start listening. Truly hear what is being said. Ask good questions. Lean in. Practice active listening.

Bottom line, when it comes to effective communication as a leader, your non-speaking habits often speak louder than your speaking habits. Therefore, make sure you focus on your “being” as much as your speaking.


Question: When it comes to effective communication, which of these three habits do you want to see most in a leader and why?