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As a professional motivational speaker, I’m privileged to rub shoulders with some incredibly talented people. Here are three famous motivational speakers who are crushing it even though you’ve probably never heard of them. What’s more, even if they never become as famous as Tony Robbins or Zig Ziglar, we can all learn from the cool things they are doing.


3 Famous Motivational Speakers Who Aren’t Famous Yet

1. Tim Gard—Humor. Funny is the name of the game in speaking and Tim Gard is one of the best I’ve seen. But humor alone isn’t enough. You’ve probably sat through funny keynote presentations only to walk away having no clue about the point of the message. Not so with Tim Gard. His message stays front and center in the midst of all the laughter.

Interesting Side Note: Judy Carter is a comedian turned professional speaker. She built her career around helping other comedians move from “the comedy club” to the “corporate club.” Check out her book The Message Of You.

2. Joe Martin—Life Story. Audiences are captivated when Joe Martin speaks because of his story of growing up in one of the toughest, crime-ridden, drug-infested ghettos in Miami, Florida, to later becoming the youngest professor ever hired in the state of Florida. It’s an amazing story and so dang moving!

A lot of speakers I work with don’t believe they have a compelling life story because their story isn’t as dramatic as Joe’s. I used to feel the same way. Yet while your story might not be as sensational as Joe’s, you DO have a story that will MOVE specific audiences. At the Speak It Forward Boot Camp we teach a system that pulls those life stories out of you along with the teaching points connected to them. It’s one of the most energetic sessions during the Boot Camp because people light up when they uncover their powerful, life-changing to share with the world!

3. Mike Rayburn—Anchors. Mike Rayburn blew me away the first time I saw him present because of his anchor. Anchors are stories, jokes, songs, or interactive experiences speakers use to teach. Notice they don’t use anchors to illustrate. They let their anchors actually teach their points. Anchors are now the core of my presentations and have moved me for struggling to get booked to being a sought-after speaker. Bottom line, great anchors make your presentation unforgettable.


These individuals are just a few of the incredible motivational speakers I’ve had the privilege of seeing present. You may never hear their names, but their audiences won’t forget the life-changing messages they deliver because of how they use humor, life stories, and anchors.

Questions: What about you? Who are your favorite motivational speakers? What have you learned from them?

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