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Speak It Forward Boot Camp — July 21-23, 2016

The Speak It Forward Boot Camp is the A-to-Z, content-rich speaker training you need to stop dreaming about being a speaker and start getting booked and paid as a speaker!


It’s your complete toolbox!

This speaker training is unlike any other! It’s not a bunch of disconnected ideas and random theories. It’s a complete, step-by-step system for how to develop your platform, craft home-run presentations, successfully niche yourself, book tons of engagements, create multiple streams of income, and implement a 12-to-18 month strategy to go from zero bookings to a full calendar as a paid speaker!

Check out these testimonials from other speakers just like you!

Can You Relate?

Before you make a decision about the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, you probably want to know more about me. My name is Kent Julian. I’m president of Live It Forward LLC, a personal and professional development company that helps entrepreneurs and business owners SHOW UP AND SHINE in their life and business. I also speak, train, and consult with professional development organizations and companies all over the United States.

Bottom line, I’m blessed to serve and add value to people and organizations through speaking, training, and consulting. I am especially passionate about the impact and influence of the speaking side of my business, but it wasn’t always like this.


Been There, Done That…Got the T-Shirt

My story, at least the first part, is probably a lot like your story. I started speaking on the side, doing a few engagements here and there. At first, there were a lot of free speeches. Then, I started getting paid. Not much, but at least it was something.

And that’s where I got stuck. For years I couldn’t move beyond “not much, but at least it was something.” Even though I was a very good presenter, I was missing the most important piece of the speaking puzzle. I had NO SYSTEM for intentionally marketing my speaking business and proactively serving prospective clients. I found out it didn’t matter how great I was as a speaker, without the right system for serving prospective clients, booking speaking engagements, and getting paid, I was never going to make it as a speaker.

Everything Changed When…

That’s when I went on a quest to learn everything I could about how to get booked and then paid as a speaker. I read, went to conference, attended teleseminars, received personal coaching, and bought lunches for a lot of successful speakers. I learned a ton about the things I needed to do and, better yet, a ton about the things I definitely shouldn’t do. All this led me to develop my own, unique system that enables you to market your speaking services by positively and consistently serving prospective clients before they book you. After using this system for just a few short years, my speaking business EXPLODED! Where my calendar just a few years earlier had just a handful of bookings, now it is overflowing and I have to turn away business.

One more time…CAN YOU RELATE to this story? You want your life to count. You want to make a difference, and you believe speaking could give you a great platform to be a difference-maker. However, you just can’t figure out how to get booked. You’ve tried a few random strategies and ideas, but you realize you are missing the same puzzle piece I was missing…you’re missing a comprehensive, step-by-step system that guarantees you’ll get hired and paid to speak!

Here’s what you’ll learn at the Speak it Forward Boot Camp

Map out your plan

  • Build your speaking foundation on the 4 Building Blocks of Real Success and Profit.
  • Use your personal purpose, values, personality traits, and natural talents to develop an Envision It Forward Compass that will guide you every step of the way as you grow your business.
  • Draw an Aim It Forward Map that helps you identify your key audiences.

Create your brand

  • Define your unique Speaker ID that authentically fits your passion, personality, and giftedness.
  • Create a Speaker Brand Statement and Tagline that articulates the value you deliver during your presentations.
  • Find speaking topics that fit you and your niche.
  • Rethink your history to discover you already have an engaging story and have been prepared to be a speaker.
  • Strengthen your website by adding the most important webpages for speakers.

Perfect your craft

  • Craft home-run presentations and programs using the SPEAK UP Preparation System.
  • Use “anchors” in your presentation to speak for 5 minutes or 5 hours without ever looking at notes.
  • Develop advance platform skills to authentically connect with your audience in the first 30 seconds of your speech.

Market your services

  • Use a simple system to become an expert on practically any topic within 3 months or less.
  • Construct your marketing platform by following the 9 P’s for Building Your Platform.
  • Design marketing material specifically for your speaking niche.
  • Create top of mind awareness as a speaker by adding significant value for meeting planners BEFORE they hire you. This will differentiate you and bust out from all your competition.
  • Recognize 8 Marketing Myths for speakers and how to avoid them.

Get more paid bookings

  • Continually build your list of event and meeting planners.
  • Get the secrets of both traditional and non-traditional showcasing working for you.
  • Follow a consistent and unique marketing strategy called “The Revolving Door Marketing System” to make you stand out in your niche market as an expert who serves and adds value even before you are hired.
  • Guarantee you receive feedback and testimonies after each speaking engagement.
  • Find the people who have the ability (and money) to book you.
  • Use the powerful Speak-For-Free-But-Never-Speak-For-Free strategy to book more engagements.

Grow your business

  • Set and negotiate appropriate speaking fees as well as know how and when to increase your fees.
  • Write simple and straightforward contracts and riders.
  • Turn one presentation into 2, 3, or even 4 additional engagements by adding just 2 sentences to your presentation.
  • Develop outstanding products quickly and easily.
  • Creatively use products to book more speaking engagements and earn more money.

Achieve long-term success

  • Get the SUCCESS and ENTREPRENEUR predictors working for you.
  • Redefine success, through an inside-out process, so that you can truly determine what is most important to your life and business.
  • Live an intentional, proactive life by following the 101 Percent Goal-Getting System.


As you can see, this speaker training is not based on random ideas and unworkable theories. It’s a comprehensive, step-by-step system for how to experience true success and profit as a speaker!

More testimonials from speakers just like you!

Here is the content schedule of the Speak It Forward Boot Camp


  • Your Envision it Forward Compass

  • Your Aim it Forward Map

  • Your Message

  • Your Speaker ID

  • Your Speaker Brand Statement and Tagline

  • How to Package an Unforgettable Presentation

  • How to Make Your Speaking Points Sticky


  • Preparing and Positioning Your Speaking Business

  • How to Differentiation Yourself from Other Speakers

  • How to Build Your List

  • Push and Pull Marketing

  • The Revolving Door Marketing Strategy

  • Marketing Through Showcasing

  • Marketing Through Reverse Interviews

  • SEO Marketing

  • Marketing Through Referrals

  • Marketing Myths


  • How to Set and Increase Your Fees

  • Getting Multiple Bookings

  • Developing Products

  • Selling Product

  • Your Sales Funnel

  • Do You Have What It Takes?

Check out our three options to take your speaking to the next level.

Speak It Forward Boot Camp

July 21-23, 2016
  • 3-day comprehensive training experience
  • Network with other speakers just like you
  • Learn a proven system to launch and grow your speaking and coaching business
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Killer Keynote Conference

July 19-20 (SOLD OUT)
  • Limited to 8 participants (SOLD OUT)
  • Learn the 7 key ingredients to developing an unforgettable presentation
  • Spend time crafting your unique presentation
  • Deliver your presentation on Day 2 without the use of scripted notes
  • Find out more here
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Experience Success and Profit as a Speaker TODAY!

Go ahead and google. You will find Speaker Training Conferences ranging from $1,500 to $3,000 to much more. But as former attendees of the Speak It Forward Boot Camp will testify, no conference delivers more ROI and value on what it promises than the Speak It Forward Boot Camp. What this means is you can either spend more money on another speaker training conference or you can invest in speaker training that guarantees you will learn a comprehensive, step-by-step system for how to maximize both your SUCCESS and PROFITas a speaker.

Additional Information

Interested in your spouse attending with you? When you register for the Speak It Forward Boot Camp, the Killer Keynote Conference, or both, you will receive a special discount code for your spouse to join you for ONLY $197 per event.

NOTE: The Boot Camp starts PROMPTLY on Thursday, July 21 at 8 AM Eastern and ends on Saturday, July 23 by noon.

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Kent Julian

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Location of the Speak It Forward Boot Camp

Northeast of Atlanta, Georgia

The Speak It Forward Boot Camp is hosted at Hilton Garden Inn at Sugarloaf in Duluth, GA.

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